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Shade of lilac by XeniaChowaniec

The minute I saw the thumbnail for this piece I was already amazed by how beautiful it was and then when I saw full view I was blown aw...


Several days had passed and Tauriel had yet to visit Kíli again. Every day she tried to make her way to the café or even text him, but every time she hesitated, and the more time went by, the harder it seemed to get. Not that he had texted or called her either, which she found slightly annoying – though she knew she was being a hypocrite.

To be fair on her self, school was getting tough, multiple deadlines coming up, causing her to work late and be exhausted afterwards. She had arrived late at her archer trainings this week, something Celeborn had questioned her about, for she normally was never late. But he understood the workload she was under, his granddaughter often reminding him of the fact, and thus forgave her.

Arwen herself however wasn’t very forgiving, questioning Tauriel constantly.

“I just don’t understand why you won’t see him.” The raven beauty started the conversation as she had done the past few days. Tauriel groaned, wanting to cover her ears.
“No, I really don’t.” Arwen continued, “You had a great date, but now you’re just put off by two people who don’t approve.”
“Yes exactly! And they are not just people, Arwen, they are my family.”
“Bullshit.” And Tauriel turned to Arwen, looking in shock, for her friend was never one to use such language. “Don’t look at me like that, I mean it! You normally wouldn’t care what they say. You’ve done plenty of things that both of them would object to. I don’t think this has anything to do with them, or a least not as much as you’re trying to make me believe. No, I think you’re just scared.”
Tauriel raised her eyebrow, challenging.
“And what would I be so scared of?”
“Love.” Arwen replied simply, the word hitting Tauriel in her chest. “You’re afraid to fall in love.

They both fell silent, Arwen watching her carefully, while Tauriel pondered on her words. She bit back a harsh reply and slowly came to the realization that her friend was right. But she also immediately went into the defensive, like any trapped animal would. She narrowed her eyes, flashing her bright green gems on Elrond’s daughter.
“Yes,” she said carefully, admitting her weakness. “I am afraid of love. It can miraculous and fantastic when right but…” and her eyes darkened of memory. “It can also be hurtful, cruel, and ruthless. If that is what love is, then I do not want it.”
“So what?” Arwen raised her eyebrow, “just because it could hurt, you’re going to turn your back to it all together?”
“What, no! I just need to take it slowly. I am not turning my back.”
“It definitely looks like it. Tauriel I haven’t seen you as happy as you were these past weeks. Do you think this would make you happier? You like him, a lot. You haven’t stopped talking about him, and now when things get a bit more difficult, a bit too close, you’re going to back out?”
“I am not backing out of anything!” Tauriel said, raising her voice, before covering her face with her hands, pulling them through her long hair. “You don’t understand.” She mumbled. She heard Arwen suck it her breath out of anger, something very unlike her friend, who was generally very calm.

“I don’t understand? Of all people, you think I don’t? You know all the struggles Aragorn and I went through, and still go through! It was never easy for us! There was always struggle, and people who didn’t agree with our relationship.” Her blue eyes flashed dangerously and Tauriel knew it wasn’t a good idea to interrupt her now. She felt ashamed of herself as Arwen called her out.

“When his father died, do you think that was easy? When he sunk down into a depression, not knowing what to do. Or even now, do you think it’s easy to have a boyfriend who decided that he wants to be a doctor, travelling to warzones. When he’s gone, I worry every single day, hoping he’ll come back. And when he’s back, I worry about when he will travel again. And now you think I don’t understand?” tears were forming in her eyes and Tauriel engulfed her into a tight hug. She rocked Arwen back and forth.
“I am sorry.” She whispered. “I wasn’t thinking, I am sorry.”

They stayed like that for a while, rocking each other back and forth sitting in the park, watching people walk by. Arwen dried her tears and as she looked at her friend, they started to laugh.
“You can be so stubborn sometimes!” She told Tauriel who laughed and stuck out her tongue.
“Sorry mum!” She said mockingly.
“Seriously though, you’re both so young and obviously like each other. Give him a chance ok? It’s not like he asked you to marry him.”
“That’s true. I guess I just panicked.” Tauriel admitted and Arwen nodded her head.
“Yeah… let’s just hope Éowyn doesn’t get cold feet!” They laughed.
“No, she definitely wouldn’t! She and Faramir are made for each other.  

Faramir was the younger brother of Boromir, Aragorn’s friend. While Boromir followed into their fathers footsteps and became a doctor, Faramir, being more in touch with their mothers creative side studied architecture, and had recently completed his first successful project, with more offers flying in everyday.
Éowyn was an army nurse. Her brother Éomer was also a good friend of Aragorn’s as they had been in the same class in high school. Though going to different universities, Aragorn studying medicine and Éomer law, the two men still had regular contact. It had been during high school when Éowyn and Aragorn had, had a brief romantic relationship. However their relationship didn’t last especially after Aragorn met Arwen and Éowyn was introduced to Faramir at a party. Now they had formed a strong friendship, with Arwen (and Tauriel) considering Éowyn to sometimes be the sister she never had. She had been overjoyed with the news that her friends were getting married.

“Mum is thrilled with the opportunity to dress up so she wants to go shopping with us for dresses!” Arwen shared excitedly and Tauriel smiled. But the red head was also a bit worried. She had a completely different taste than Arwen and her mother, who had a love for soft, flowing, very feminine dresses. She however had a bit more practical taste, liking everything to be elegant but clear cut, reflecting her no-nonsense attitude. Arwen sensed her friend’s hesitation and laughed.
“And don’t listen to what mum has to say all the time, just choose whatever you want.”
“Don’t listen to your mother, or don’t listen to you?” Tauriel asked with a winked causing Arwen to smile cheekily. “When did you want to go?
“We have a family friend, Míriel, who is a fashion designer with her own line Perindë. She has beautiful gowns! Mother arranged a visit two weeks from now. Would that work for you?” Tauriel thought for a second.
“That should work for me. We’ll be way on time, it won’t be in 2 months. Oh that reminds me! I still have to find something to wear to Kíli’s uncle’s birthday, well if he still wants me to come of course.”
“Two months is nothing, then we have enough time if we don’t find something with Míriel. And of course he’d still want you to come, I am sure of it! Can I help you pick something out?” Arwen asked excitedly, her blue eyes twinkling happily making Tauriel chuckle.
“Sure of course, but I doubt it will be that fancy, at least I don’t think a ball gown will be necessary.”
“But you do have to make a great entrance, I’ll make sure of that!”

They sat together in silence for a while, watching leaves fall down from the trees, creating an ocean of gold by their feet.
“I hope Boromir will be back on time for the wedding.” Arwen suddenly said and Tauriel looked at her, she had a faraway look on her face.
“Of course he will. He wouldn’t miss his brother’s wedding for the world. Besides, I thought Aragorn said his mission was almost over.” Her friend seemed to have snapped out of her trance and smiled.
“Yeah of course, it’s silly of me. It’s just that there’s been so much bad news coming from there.”
“True, Mordor is a war-zone, but Boromir is a doctor, not a soldier. Besides, we shouldn’t just rely on the news, it’s heavily biased towards bad news anyway.”
“Yes, you’re right. I am just happy Aragorn decided to stay here this time.”
“I didn’t know he was asked to go as well.”
“Yes he was, but he had only just gotten back from Harad and wanted to spend time with his mother, and me of course.” She said winking and Tauriel smiled back. She checked her watch and grabbed her things together.
“I’ve got to run Arwen.” She said and gave her friend a tight hug. “Thanks, I mean it.” Arwen smiled back.
“I know you do. We’ll keep in contact, I am going to need some advice for my essay, you’re better at recognizing herbs than I am.”
“Don’t worry, just send it and I’ll check it.”
“Great! And Tauriel, promise me you’ll go see him.”
Tauriel turned and smiled.
“I will! Going there right now.” She winked and Arwen squealed with joy.
“Oh great! Let me know how is it goes ok?”
“Of course!” Tauriel said and waved as she walked away.

She made her way through the quaint and beautiful streets of Dale that were seeped with history but made also caught up with modern times, being the perfect blend between old and new. She turned right into one of the main shopping streets where Café Bree was located. As she got closer and closer she felt her heart beating faster and her hands trembled slightly, betraying her nervousness. She was surprised as she recognized Kíli standing outside, and it took her a while to realize he was calling on his phone. As she got closer she picked up part of the conversation. He didn’t sound to be in a great mood.

“Of all the times you could have gone, you choose to go now? You said you’d wait until after Uncle Thorin’s birthday…” He ran his hand through his chocolate brown hair as he listened to the response.
“You can’t just take a few days off when you just got there. Besides what’s there to gain with this mission? You’re way too young anyway…” It seemed to be a heavy argument as she heard him slip into a heavy accent, throwing in Khuzdul words she did not recognize.
“I am sure your mother would have much preferred for you to stay here just as your dad… Oh that’s bullshit, he prefers counting money to fighting!” Again the person on the other line went on a rant.
“Ok first of all, “ Kíli countered, “You are far more reckless than I am. But sure, good luck trying to make it back on time, just remember we’ll have a great betting on it back here. Fíli and I are betting against it… Yeah, all right bastard. Just do me a favour and don’t die. Bye.” He hung up, clenching his hands into fists making Tauriel heavily doubt if this was the right moment for her to come her. As she about to turn around, when he looked up, his brown eyes catching hers and her heart stood still.

Everything inside her seemed to melt, especially when a smile formed on his face, making her weak in the knees. How could she have possibly thought it would have been best not to see him anymore? She would not have survived not seeing that smile. Shyly and nervously she stepped towards him, twisting her hair along the way. They didn’t say anything to each other until they were standing perhaps two steps apart. His smile seemed to have broadened along the way.

“You finally came.” It wasn’t a question, merely him stating a happy fact. She blushed lightly.
“Yes, I couldn’t stay away longer… I… Kíli I am so sorry. I was just a mess and confused… I just didn’t know what to do… I am sorry I left you hanging.” Tauriel stuttered, feeling more and more guilty with every word she uttered. But instead of an angry reaction she had been expecting Kíli rather seemed overjoyed and softly and carefully held her hands with his own, smiling up at her.
“It’s okay,” he said and she felt tears form in her eyes, not feeling she deserved any of his sweet comments. He raised his eyebrow at her.
“You hate crying.” He said causing her to laugh, a single tear escaping.
“I do.”
“Then don’t,” he reached out and whipped away the tear with his finger. “There’s nothing to cry about anyway. Come on, there’s a Caramel Macchiato waiting for you.” Holding her hand he led her inside.
“Thanks.” She told him smiling. He smiled back at her squeezing her hand.

They sat at one of the wooden tables on the top floor, close to the windows. She sipped her long-awaited macchiato and he seemed happy with an espresso. She had explained to him what happened between her and Legolas and Thranduil.
“I know it might sound weird that I listened to them, but they are my family. Usually they are not at all this strict. Thranduil was a lot more liberal with me than his own son, and I know that they mean well… they just have a weird way of showing that sometimes.” She said honestly and felt a burden lift from her shoulders. Kíli had been very understanding thus far. But she knew she had hurt him and thus the feeling of guilt remained and she knew that wouldn’t disappear so quickly. They had to rebuild some of the trust between them as he had eloquently put it.
“I know how important family is. If Fíli or my mother hadn’t approved of you, I am not sure if I would be sitting here.” Tauriel laughed.
“But they haven’t even met me!”
“They will soon, and I think they will like you even more then.” He winked.
“You still want me to come, because I can understand that after…” but before she could continue he silenced her, pressing a finger against her lips.
“Of course I still do silly. It takes a lot to get me mad enough to take someone off the guest list.”
“You sounded pretty angry outside.” Kíli frowned at the remembrance.
“That was Gimli, he’s my cousin. Well technically cousin-twice removed or something like that. But we grew up together like close family. He just turned 18 a few months ago and applied for the army, got in and he accepted a mission to Mordor, the idiot.” Kíli paused for a second, trying to find the right words. “I mean I am very proud of him of course, we all are. He’s a very brave and intelligent guy. But obviously we are also very worried about him. News reports haven’t been very positive lately. We just hope he gets out alive and well, and of course before the birthday. It’s a special year this time; my uncle’s birthday falls together on Durin’s Day, a national celebration in Erebor. So I just want everyone to be there. “ Now it was Tauriel’s turn to hold his hand in support.
“I think it’s great you and your brother want to organize this, not only for your uncle but everyone around you. It must be a huge task.” Kíli laughed.
“Yeah you could say that, but it’s a lot of fun at the same time.

“So tell me,” He asked after a few minutes of peaceful silence. “What made you turn back?” She looked into his twinkling eyes and winning smile, his lips looked very kissable right now…
“Arwen… Arwen convinced me to go back.” She said and Kíli smiled.
“Then I will thank Arwen most sincerely next time I see her, her task wasn’t easy.” He winked, giving her a cheeky smile. She felt herself blush as she laughed.
“And why would you think that?”
“Because you are a very stubborn lady.” He said tapping his finger softly on her nose.
“Hmmm perhaps… or maybe you persuaded me yourself…” Kíli laughed.
“And how did I do that, I tried to give you as much space as possible.”
“Thanks for that Kíli, I mean it. But it also worked.”
“How so?”
“I missed you.” The words were out before she knew it and he grew still, his eyes boring into hers. Neither realized they started to move closer together.
“Tell me,” he almost whispered, their faces coming ever closer. “What do you want?” She sucked in her breath, knowing there was no way to back out.
“I can’t deny this connection, it would be wrong, unnatural… Kíli, I want to try us together…” as soon as those words left her lips, he captured them with his own and they shared a long kiss. She felt herself relax completely, this felt right, absolutely and completely right, and damn anyone who would try to tell her otherwise. Softly they broke apart, both their faces flushed. He stared dreamingly into her beautiful green eyes and smiled.

The drive way was lit with large decorative lampposts shining on the Greenwood Estate’s large magnificent entrance. Carefully Tauriel unlocked the carven door as quietly as she possibly could. Her cheeks were burning and a smile danced on her face. She was about to ascend the stairs when she noticed light burning from the living room. Curious she walked inside. On the dark leather couch by the large fireplace sat Legolas. He was reading with as glass of red wine in his hand. His long light blond hair caught the golden light of the fire making his look like the angel Gabriel in his full stature and elegance. He looked up when she came in. She was relief pass along his face, but his usually sparkling eyes seemed dead.
“Where were you?” He asked his tone rather harsh.

Tauriel raised an eyebrow at him as she took in his appearance. Like his father, Legolas liked looking good, which wasn’t very hard since even Tauriel had to admit he was very attractive. But while his father enjoying suits and dress shirts, Legolas preferred good fitting jeans and nicely tailored, but comfortable sweaters, one of which he was wearing right now. The grey sweater brought out the blue of his eyes and made his golden hair shimmer. But Tauriel could look through his handsome appearance and see he was tired. Dark circles were starting to form under his eyes and his shoulders were tense. She walked over him and positioned herself next to him on the couch.

“I was out.” She told him resisting the urge to blush. He didn’t reply but continued watching her move. His eyes travelled to her neck and a look of confusion appeared on his face. Slightly mortified Tauriel tried to hide the love bites Kíli had made with her hair but the damage was done. Legolas leaned away from her, taking a healthy swing of his wine.
“Who were you out with?” he didn’t look at her, finding the red liquid suddenly very fascinating.
“Kíli took me out.” Tauriel confessed as she started to play with a strand of her hair. A deadly silence followed but was only broken by Legolas’ soft reply.
“Hmm I see.” And he continued drinking his wine faster than usual. She turned to him.
“Mellon what’s wrong?” She wanted to add he looked tired but decided against stating such an obvious fact. He turned his blue eyes to her.
“You ask me what’s wrong? What’s wrong with you? You’ve been avoiding me, and don’t deny it Tauriel.” He told her as she opened her mouth to protest. “I thought you trusted me, yet these past few weeks you hardly talk to me, you sneak of and go on dates that I don’t know about. How long have you known this guy? Two weeks? Yeah and look at you, you’re already covered.”
“I don’t have to tell you everything, I have my own life you know.” Tauriel told him her voice rising, catching in her throat. Legolas seemed enraged.
“I am FINE with you going on dates, in fact I am happy you are, but don’t go behind my god damned back. What if something happened? What if he took advantage of you? No one would know where you are.”
“Kíli would never do that!”
“Oh no? How well do you know him? And I mean really know him! Can you trust him with your life? Can you Tauriel?” He’d stood up pacing up and down, wine glass in hand.
“Of course I know him, I am not stupid.”
“But can you trust him?” Tauriel looked at him pondering on his question.
“Yes, I think so.”
“Thinking so isn’t enough!”
“What does it matter? Nothing bad happened in fact I had a great evening, thanks for asking by the way. And besides, Arwen knew about it!” Legolas came to a halt his blue eyes piercing through her.
“Arwen knew about this?”
“Y…yes.” Tauriel admitted and she felt a wave of guilt flood her. Why hadn’t she told him? She always had, they never had any secrets for each other. She’d always felt good about telling him, then why hadn’t she told him about Kíli? She’d hurt him and she could see that now. He’d turned his shoulders away from her as if shielding his wounds from her. But his eyes looked at her full of pain. Tears started to well up in her eyes.
“You told Arwen, but not me.” He said, his low voice seemed to shake a bit and she was afraid he might crush the glass he was holding. He gulped his wine down and picked up his book before marching away. Tauriel stretched out her arm to stop him.
“Legolas! Lego! I am sorry!” But he didn’t turn and made his way upstairs.

Falling back onto the couch, Tauriel curled herself up and listened to his door slam closed behind him. Tears started to roll down her cheeks. With her fingers she swept along her neck passing every place Kíli had kissed. Though the memory still burned beneath her fingers, she currently felt hollow inside. She’d had not meant for this to happen. As much as she liked Kíli, she didn’t want to sacrifice her bond with Legolas, a bond that ran deeper than friendship, it was one of love, family love, but still love. In the end it was that love that had saved her so many times. When her parents died it had saved her. Every time some guy had broken her heart or apparent friends decided to ditch her, it was this love that helped her back on her feet. So much as she liked Kíli and knew quite a bit about him, she still didn’t know him as well as she wanted to. She could predict Legolas’ every move, while she hardly knew what Kíli liked to eat in the mornings.  

Tauriel sighed and made her way to bed with a heavy heart, she had a lot to think about.

The next morning Tauriel sensed all was not well as she came into the kitchen. Legolas had left for work. As a journalist he would often work during the weekends as well, but Tauriel knew it was not coincidence he was working today. Thranduil was currently pouring himself a strong cup of coffee, his long platinum hair resting perfectly on his back. He was wearing his favourite white dress shirt with dark blue stripe. He had his black trousers on and Tauriel saw a silver tie, meaning he probably had a business meeting at some point today.

“Good morning.” She said standing next to him to grab herself a mug and turn on the kettle for a cup of tea. Thranduil turned around, leaning back against the counter and watched her as he took a sip of coffee.
“Good morning Tauriel.” His intense blue eyes pierced through her. She looked at her teabag that currently floated on the hot water.
“Do you have a meeting today?” She asked.
“I do. I am meeting Bard Bowman this afternoon for business.” A silence settled between them. Usually this was a pleasant silence, but today was different. After a few more sips of his coffee, Thranduil spoke up.
“Tell me Tauriel, what is the matter with Legolas? Tauriel sighed causing Thranduil to smile slightly, he always found it very amusing to see his children feel awkward.
“It’s stupid.” She told him and he raised his thick intimidating eyebrows at her.
“I think I’ll be the judge of that.”

She stared at her mug steaming tea for a while, trying to formulate her words.
“I am seeing someone and I didn’t tell Legolas about it, so now he’s angry at me.”
“Hmmm odd for him to get that upset about it.”
“How did you even know he was upset? Did you hear us last night?”
“Last night? No, I did not hear a thing. But I am his father Tauriel, I know exactly when he’s upset.” He paused slightly, “He’s just like his mother.” Thranduil’s eyes flashed towards the portrait of Lemaril Greenwood, his late wife, hanging in the living room. Her golden hair fell in waves over her shoulders and she had a kind face, her bright grey eyes smiling, lighting up the room. Thranduil turned back to the conversation.

“So, who are you seeing then?” Tauriel cursed the heavens for making him ask the question though she hadn’t expected anything different from him.
“Kíli.” The cup Thranduil was in the process of bringing to his lips stopped half way.
“Excuse me?” He asked still looking at his coffee.
“Kíli Durin.” Tauriel repeated anxious for his reaction.
“You really mean the Kíli…”
“Yes, yes! The Kíli Durin, nephew of Thorin Durin from Oakenshield Company.” She interrupted him, feeling annoyed. Thranduil looked at her, his eyebrows furrowed together. He seemed at a loss of words before finally replying.
“Are you out of your mind?” His harsh words hurt her. Like father like son.
“No, I am perfectly sane, thanks. You know, he’s a lot better if you get to know him.”
“Are you telling me, that you’re dating Thorin Durin’s nephew?”
“Yes.” Thranduil laughed, but it wasn’t a nice laugh, it was rather dismissingly.
“Impossible.” He told her walking away from the kitchen towards the couch.
“Actually it’s not.” Tauriel called after him. Thranduil spun around, his eyes flashing with anger.
“No it’s impossible! I am not allowing you to date him!”
“What?! Since when do you get to decide who I date or not?”
“As of now!”
“This is ridiculous! Just because you and Thorin are is some ancient stupid fight doesn’t mean Kíli and I have to stop seeing each other. That’s just Shakespearean bullshit!”
“Language! And that is exactly why you can’t be with that boy. I know what his family is like, they can’t be trusted!”
“You don’t even know him! You have no right…!”
“I have every right young lady!”
“You’re not my father!” Tauriel shouted and Thranduil halted his approach to her, pain, grief, and anger flashing through his ice blue eyes.

“I might not be your father in blood, but I am the father that raised you.” He said slowly and clearly. “Therefore if I say you won’t date this boy that’s final!”
“But I like him! God since when is that a crime?” She protested.
“You like him?” He asked mockingly.
“I love him.” She retorted back, surprising herself with her words.
“You love… him? You don’t even know what it means to love someone!” He crept closer and she had to look up to him now, something she hated doing. “Tell me Tauriel, how long have you known him? How well do you know him? Do you know his wishes and fears? Do you know his good sides and bad? Can you trust him?”
“Why shouldn’t I trust him?”
“Because he’s a Durin! They are lazy, arrogant liars who can never be trusted!”
“But you don’t know him!” She shouted.
“But I know Thorin and I know you!” He told her, his hands on her shoulders. They were both breathing heavily. Slowly he seemed to calm down and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “I know you Tauriel. You’re an intelligent and strong woman, but you’re also naïve, afraid to see a darker side in people. I don’t want you to get hurt.” Tauriel pushed herself away from him.
“And you think this is not hurting me?” She asked before heading to the stairs.
“Where are you going?”

“Tauriel?” He called after her and she stopped halfway on the stairs.
“Why did you hide this from Legolas and I?”
“Because I feared this reaction.” She told him listening for Thranduil’s reply.
“If it was true love, then you would not have feared it.”

Arrow after arrow she shot, every single one missing the centre making Tauriel feel even more frustrated than she already felt. Before she came into the shooting range Kíli had send her a sweet and adorable text:

“Hey good morning! Hope you slept alright. Just wanted to say that I had a greater time last night. Hope you did too ☺”

It made her happy to read it, and yet she had never felt so conflicted in her entire life because Legolas and Thranduil were partially right. How well did she know Kíli? What if he just liked her because of her looks and would leave after they became more intimate. It wouldn’t be the first time that had happened to her. It was one of the reasons why she kept boys at bay. But with Kíli it felt different somehow, yet right now she couldn’t decide whether that was a good or bad thing.

One thing she did come to realize after several more hours of shooting and clearing her mind in the forest was that she needed to slow down and take a step back. She figured he would be ok with her not immediately replying to his texts right away. He would be busy himself anyway.

Kíli had been busy that day, or at least he should have been productive. He met up with his brother to plan out his uncle’s party. There were many things to organize, things that had to be made, people that had to be called and just general chaos. However he felt he’d been staring at his phone for most of the time. He was kicking himself mentally about it. Sending the text in the morning seemed very logic and impulsive, but the later it got, with still no reply, he started to feel like a fool. It had gotten to a point when even Fíli got fed up and had taken away his phone with great protest.

“Just chill out alright? It sounded like you guys had a great evening, so don’t worry about it. She might just be busy, just like you should be! I need you to focus here bro.” Kíli raised his hands in defeat but immediately brought them back into his hair, tugging it.
“But it’s the weekend, she’s supposed to be free. She’s never been this slow with answering.” Fíli raised his eyebrows smirking.
“Oh no! You’re not timing her are you?” Kíli glared at him angrily.
“Don’t give me that crap! You’d completely panic if Arild hadn’t texted you back within 5 minutes.” That was very true and Fíli admitted it. He lay down the papers he had been holding and sat down next to his brother.
“It’ll be fine, I am sure, just don’t freak out. How long has it been?”
“7 hours.” Kíli told him looking at the blonds face to see his reaction.

“What’s been 7 hours?” A woman’s voice called out. Arild came into the apartment she shared with Fíli. She walked in with bags of groceries weighing her down. Fíli shot up to help his girlfriend, stealing a kiss along the way. Arild had a mass of light blonde curls, large soft brown eyes and a hearth laugh. She was small but curvy and moved around with a skip in her steps, something that had caught Fíli from the first moment he saw her.

“It’s nothing…” Kíli started but his brother cut him off.
“It’s been 7 hours since Kíli texted the girl he went out with last night, and she hasn’t replied yet.” The blond smirk and Kíli shot him a glare. Arild looked amused and surprised.
“Don’t tell me you guys time as well?”
“But of course. It’s driving him insane.” Fíli laughed.
“I am still not as insane as you were! Arild let me tell you, you’re dating an idiot.” He called out.
“But an adorable idiot.” His brother pleaded receiving a small peck from Arild.
“You’re a fool.” She told him before hitting him softly. “And be nice to your brother. Kíli do you want tea or a beer?”
“Give him some green tea to calm his nerves.” Fíli told her with a wink before grabbing a beer for himself.
“Asshole!” Kíli cursed him before adding: “A beer would be lovely, thanks Arild.”
Laughing she handed him one and nestled herself on the chair across from them.
“So how did your date go then Kíli?” She asked him smiling cheekily. The two had known each other since their primary schools days and had been friends since middle school, so Kíli hadn’t expected anything less from her than to ask him questions.
“It went great!” He told her and grinned at the memories coming to mind. “Dinner was fine and dancing was great. I haven’t had that much fun in a while and she seemed to enjoy it as well.” He’d actually been quite sure about that until now. Kíli wasn’t foreign to female attention and he had gone on plenty nice dates over time with some very nice girls. With some of them he had been dating for a little while, others he’d broken of contact or they had done so and he had not really minded. But Tauriel was different in ways he couldn’t describe. He did care about their friendship, he did want her to text him back, and he did really care about what she thought of him. He actually liked her, more than liked her. He had told her he loved her, even though it was in a language she didn’t quite understand, yet.    

“That sounds great! Who’s the lucky girl?” Arild asked him smiling happily.
“Tauriel Greenwood.” And her smile started to waver.
“Wow, um… okay? That’s um unexpected.” She told him honestly. “How has Thorin reacted?”
“He doesn’t know yet, and I think I’d like to keep it that way for a while.” He told her and there was a silence and he saw her think.
“What does her family think about it?”
“I don’t know, I am not even sure if they know. I can’t imagine they’ll be very pleased.”
“Maybe that’s why she hasn’t texted you back yet?” Arild offered but Kíli waved her away.
“No way, she wouldn’t care about that. This might not be easy but it’s not a freaking soap opera.” He said and took a swing of his beer, missing the worried look Arild and Fíli gave each other.

As the night progressed the brothers and Arild had prepared most of the invitations that they would send out the next day. Many of the invited were their part of their kin or their uncle’s friends, or in some cases both. Several of Thorin Durin’s best business partners were invited as well such as Elrond Rivendell and Celeborn Lothlórien. A special guest was Bilbo Baggins, a great friend of their uncle. They had met at university and had often travelled together to far corners of the world. Bilbo lived quite far away, thus the friends hadn’t seen each other for a while, most busy with their work. While Thorin ran Oakenshield Company, Bilbo was focused on his research and writing his books, which were currently becoming quite famous. The brothers couldn’t wait to see Mr Baggins again and they were reminded that this would be in four weeks time. There was still so much to do in so little time.

Their work had kept Kíli busy and his mind of Tauriel and his phone for a while. Thus he was very surprised when his phone started to ring and her name appeared on his display. Quickly excusing himself and going outside, Kíli tried to calm himself down before picking up.

“Hello?” He asked, his voice a few tones lower than usual.
“Hey Kíli, its me.” Tauriel replied and he enjoyed the sound of her voice.
“Hey! How are you?”
“I am doing fine. How are you?”
“Oh fine as well. Just a bit busy, working on my uncle’s birthday party.”
“Oh! Have I called at a wrong time?”
“What? No, no not at all! Don’t worry! I always have time for you.” He heard her chuckle at the end of the line.
“Thanks.” And silence crept in.
“So, you’ve been busy today, or did you enjoy your free day?” he quickly asked her, hoping it wouldn’t seem like he was fishing, he had to act cool.
“Yeah, I’ve been busy. Been out shooting the whole day.” That was it! He knew she always left her phone in her locker when she went out, and that was probably why she didn’t respond.
“And? Did it go alright?”
“Well no not really, I um…” he heard her voice hesitating and an unpleasant feeling started to form in his gut, he didn’t like where this was going.
“Kíli, I um… what I want to say is…”
“What? What’s wrong Tauriel?”
“I am sorry I didn’t reply to your text sooner, I am just… I don’t know…”
“Tauriel just say it.” He didn’t want to sound mad but his voice was harsher than he expected and he could feel her flinch.
“I really enjoyed last night Kíli, really I did. It’s just that we are moving so fast, and actually I don’t even know you that well…” Kíli laughed softly hoping to lift some of the tension.
“I know, but that’s what dates are for, aren’t they? To get to know each other?”
“Yes true but…”
“I just need to slow down for a bit Kíli. Please don’t get me wrong, I like you, but I need some time to organize myself. This… this is all kinda new for me and I don’t want to get all tangled up.” Kíli took a minute to take that all in, his mind flooded with information and he didn’t really know what to feel at that moment.
“Please don’t be mad, I am just very confused with myself right now.” Tauriel admitted her voice worried.
“It’s alright Tauriel.” He heard himself say. “We can take it slowly, I want you to feel comfortable alright?” He heard her sigh softly in relief.
“Thanks Kíli, that means a lot to me.”
“Don’t worry about it.” After a few seconds of silence he added: “So, but you’re still up for Café Macchiato’s this week?” And she laughed.
“Of course, they are the highlight of my day.”
“Haha I am sure they are. But one thing darling,”
“What is it?” She asked curiosity lining her voice.
“You better keep October 19th free in your calendar.”
“And why’s that?”
“It’s my uncle’s birthday that day and forgive my forwardness, but I have taken the liberty of sitting you next to me on the seating arrangements.”
“I’ll be your date?”
“Naturally, unless you really don’t want to, I mean I can easily…”
“No I’d love to go! Thanks.”
“Thank god! You’ll get an official invitation some time this week. But remember, it’s a surprise party!”
“Haha I’ll keep that in mind! Looking forward to it.”
“Great, me too.” He said smiling.
“I’ve gotta go now. Thanks for understanding Kíli.”
“No problem, thanks for calling. Have a good evening.”
“Thanks and you too.”
“Bye Tauriel.”
“Good bye.” And the line went silent.

Kíli leaned against the door, taking a few deep breaths of the cold outside air. The sky was dark, clouds drifting past the moon and only a few stars were visible. He was glad she had called and happy to heard her voice. He could understand where she was coming from, but at the same time he found it hard to understand her confusion. Maybe Arild was right about her family, maybe they weren’t as accepting about it as his was. He was sure Legolas wouldn’t be pleased anyway let alone Thranduil. He just hoped she wouldn’t change her mind completely about them. Was she still that open to give them a chance? He would need to step up his game, because he definitely wasn’t going to let her go that easily.

Fíli came and joined him outside. He saw his brother’s face and felt worried.
“Hey man, are you alright?” He asked. Kíli looked at him and Fíli put an arm around him in support. “What’s wrong Kee?”

“I really don’t know…”
Shooting Starlight Chap. 6 Doubt
Sixth chapter in my fanfic that mixes The Hobbit and LOTR characters and puts them in a modern (AU) setting.

Finally I managed to update this story! I am sorry it took a while. Uni has started again, so I've been very busy. But finally got the inspiration back to write this. I hope you guys enjoy it! 

Chapter 1: Shooting Starlight Ch.1 Lothlorien Academy
Chapter 2: Shooting Starlight Ch.2 Caramel Macchiato
Chapter 3: Shooting Starlight Ch.3 Peace at Rivendell
Chapter 4: Shooting Starlight Ch.4 Freckles
Chapter 5:…

You can also find it on my account under the name Shooting in Starlight:

But also on Archive of Our Own:…
Kíli and Tauriel had been seeing each other everyday since they met at the Lothlórien Archers Academy two weeks ago. They would watch each other when they trained and help each other out. But during that time Legolas was generally present as well and while the two men were relatively friendly towards each other, there was tension between them. Although Legolas seemed to be protective of Tauriel out of a brotherly sense, Kíli could tell it was rather borderline leaning more towards romantic feelings than anything else. Either way Tauriel hadn’t noticed or had decided to ignore it by not mentioning it, but she was always very eager to meet up at Café Bree with Kíli alone. It was their sanctuary where they spend hours amusing each other. They never seemed to run out of things to talk about. He tried to help her with her essays while she helped him singling out a few masters that he found interesting. Meanwhile she could make him and even some of the customers, terrific cappuccinos, pouring her artistic talents into latte artwork.  

At the Academy Kíli was improving fast and Celeborn had told him he would be joining the blue bands or intermediates, as Tauriel liked to remind him next session. In order to celebrate they went to a pub with the brothers Haldir, Rúmil, and Orophin, who Kíli had befriended. They all had a great evening but Kíli was glad when the brothers left. He had gathered all his courage together, with the help of a few pints of bier and glass of scotch, and asked Tauriel on a date. To his great surprise and immense happiness she actually agreed.

The day after that he became an emotional wreck when trying to think of and organise a great date. He did what any logic man would do; he called up his brother.

“Hey Kíli, how’s everything? You doing alright?”
“Fee, I need your help.” Kíli blurted and there were a few seconds of silence on the other end of the line.
“Help with what?” His brother finally asked amusement lining his voice.
“I made the biggest mistake of my life.”
“Oh dear and what’s that?”
“I asked her out.”
“Tauriel, the girl I like, she’s from the academy.”
“And why is that the biggest mistake of your life? You like her.”
“Yeah but…”
“Did she refuse?”
“What? No, no she accepted.”
“Then I don’t see a problem.”
“It’s a date Fíli! I don’t know what to do on a date! I don’t know what she wants to do, in fact I don’t even know what I am doing right now!” Kíli burst.
“Okay, first of all calm down, it’s not the end of the world. The fact that she agreed to go on a date with you is already a miracle.”
“Thanks, I needed that.” Kíli grumbled sarcastically and he heard his brother laugh.
“You know what, why don’t you come over? I haven’t seen you for a while actually no mum hasn’t seen you for a while, so you can’t refuse. And besides, uncle’s birthday is coming up and we promised we’d help organise something. You up for that?” Kíli thought about it and agreed.
“Yeah alright, probably better than on the phone anyway. I’ll be there soon.”
“Alright see you then bro.”
“See ya.” And Kíli hung up. Though it hadn’t helped him feel any calmer, his brother had made him feel a bit better.

Half an hour later he parked his bike in the garage and rang the doorbell. His mother opened up smiling, engulfing him in hugs and kisses as if she was afraid it’d be the last time she’d see him.
“I am glad you’re here baby. You’re uncle is away on business so we don’t have to talk quietly.” Kíli grinned.
“Mum don’t you think he knows we’re planning something? We always do anyway.”
“Yes but he doesn’t know what.” Dís smiled and then smiled at him slyly. “So, Fíli tells me you’re bringing a date, elaborate on that?” And Kíli felt himself go completely red. He shouldn’t have trusted his brother. His mother’s question was more of a demand and she looked at him expectantly. He sighed.
“Mum, I am just inside, can we talk about that later?” Dís happily agreed and walked through the house humming, knowing fully well that by the end of the evening she would know everything.

In the living room his brother was sitting on the couch but jumped up when Kíli came in. The golden man smiled and the two brothers hugged each other. They touched their foreheads together, enjoying the familiar sensation. They would trust and protect each other with their lives. Kíli dropped himself next to his brother on the couch and their mother came in with ale. He looked at her with a smile.
“Thanks mum.” She smiled back and he took a big gulp.
“So about the girl…” and Kíli choked, spurting out the remaining ale in his mouth and coughed. Fíli was rolling along the floor with laughter and even his mother who was so kind to pat his back was laughing with mirth. He shot both an angry glare. He whipped his mouth with the back of his hand, put his ale on the table and sat back, arms crossed.
“Well, what do you want to know?” He huffed as he saw his brother regain himself, whipping away tears.
“Everything of course!” His mother exclaimed, blue eyes twinkling, “You can’t keep all of us in the dark. She does have to going through screening if you want to bring her to your Uncle’s birthday.”
“Screening? Your screening?” Kíli asked, his eyebrows raised.
“Of course! She might become my daughter-in-law, and what if she’s not good enough for you?”
“First of all,” Kíli sat up counting on his fingers, “we’re not even dating yet; in fact I still have to try and plan a date. Secondly, of course she would be good enough. And thirdly… you never screened Arild.” His mother laughed shaking her head.
“You’ll plan a great date. But only a mother knows who’s best for her son, and of course I screened Arild.”
“You did?!” Both brothers asked, Fíli face in shock at his mother revelation. She chuckled.
“Yes of course. I knew for a long time, maybe even before you Kíli that they might be something. I wouldn’t have encouraged you Fíli if I didn’t think her good for you.” Kíli looked at his mother in a mix of awe and fear.
“Ma, I love you, but that’s just creepy.” But Dís only smiled at him.
“Just wait until you have kids of your own, and heaven forbid daughters. You’ll be as if not more protective of them then I am of you. But you still haven’t told us anything.”

At his mothers urging Kíli finally told them everything he knew about Tauriel.
“She’s very tall and athletic. She’s got the most amazing hair I’ve seen, and her eyes are like stars. She’s incredibly smart as well, studying to be a doctor and she’s so gifted at archery, it’s unbelievable really, well actually she’s good at everything she does. She makes me happy.” He admitted feeling himself go red. His brother looked at him with their mothers sparkling blue eyes.
“Kíli is in love.” He sang with a huge grin on this face.
“Shut up!” Kíli shouted and smacked him with a pillow before Dís interfered stopping both of them.
“What’s her last name?” She asked and Kíli gulped. Now this might be a shocker.
“Greenwood, Tauriel Greenwood.” He mumbled looking at their pale faces.
“I didn’t know Thranduil had a daughter…” His mother said with concern growing on her face.
“She’s not, well not biologically anyway. Her parents died when she was very young. Thranduil took her in and raised her. She chooses to carrying his name.” He told them, eyeing his ale. He definitely needed a drink. His mother sat down and both she and Fíli took healthy gulps of their own ale, Kíli followed their example. There was silence for a while. Then he heard his brother start to laugh beside him. He looked into Fíli’s smiling face.
“Uncle’s gonna love this.” And Kíli felt a sudden fear. He hadn’t really thought of that, but now he did, there was no way his uncle would accept a daughter of Thranduil, whether biological or not. His mother huffed.
“Thorin can say and think what he wants, I like her.’ Both her son’s looked at her with surprise.
“You do?” Kíli asked, his eyes wide.
“Well I haven’t met her yet of course, but I like what I am hearing and have a good feeling about her.” She winked, “Besides I can just imagine your uncle and Thranduil’s faces.” And she laughed.

Kíli smiled back, taking another sip of his drink.
“But I still don’t know what to do for a date.” He sighed.
“What does she like to do?” His brother asked and Kíli shoot him an annoyed look.
“If I knew that, I wouldn’t be sitting here.”
‘Well then, what do you like?” Fíli asked and Kíli frowned.
“I don’t know!”
“Why don’t you go dancing?” Dís offered.
“Yeah. You like dancing and are quite good at it too. I am sure any girl would like to dance with you.” Kíli smiled at his mother in awe. That was it. He was all right at dancing, ok quite good actually and he knew a good club in town. If it was a good evening he could even take her to the hill! He leaning over and kissed his mother on her cheek.
“Thanks mum.” He turned to his brother, “you too.” Fíli smiled putting his hand on his shoulder.
“No worries mate.”
“Now,” Dís stood up clapping her hands together. “Let’s get busy. I want ideas and guest lists for Thorin birthday. Where should we hold it this year?”

With renewed enthusiasm Kíli and his family threw themselves into party planning. So far every single year had been a success, now they wanted it to be absolutely amazing, a night to be remembered for years to come.

Kíli had driven himself and Tauriel to the restaurant on his bike. She’d insisted that she’d come to his place by herself. From there they’d gone into town. The meal at the restaurant was great and there hung a relaxed atmosphere. But to be honest he hadn’t really been paying attention to the food. His eyes were fixed on her. He had not seen her look as gorgeous as she did now. She wore a burgundy top, on top of which she wore a short white denim coat. She wore a short tight black skirt that highlighted her lovely hips complete with sheer tights and heels matching her top. She’d applied some darker eye shadow along her normally bare eyelids, which made her green eyes sparkle even more than usual. Her insanely long red tresses hung down in loose curls around her. He all found it a very becoming sight. He himself had opted for black jeans and his nicest blue shirt. Any attempts to tame his hair had been fruitless. But apparently she didn’t mind because their eyes hadn’t felt each other.

They walked to the club hand in hand. He’d told her about the club and she’d seemed excited to go dance, though admitting that she wasn’t very good. He’d felt confident about it before, but now as they got closer he started to doubt himself. He so didn’t want to screw up. Would it have been better if they’d just stayed in the restaurant or just gone to a movie?

They reached the club and he led her downstairs into the huge basement. It was fancied than most, one of the reasons he’d dared to bring her here. It had a high ceiling that was held up by round pillars. The sidewalls were covered with large mirrors making the space appear even greater. The bar covered the entire length of one of the walls, the counters shining with all different bottles of booze. It was busy on a Saturday night, the club already beginning to feel crowded. Kíli looked over at Tauriel as they handed their coats to the wardrobe personnel, trying to find any traces of discomfort, but instead she seemed to rather enjoy all of it.

She’d hardly been to clubs, her friend generally preferring less crowded and more elitist places to hang out. But she had always had a fascination towards them, liking the relaxed atmosphere where you could do anything and not feel out of place. She took his hand and squeezed it happily and he smiled at her, looking relieved. They went to order some drinks. At the bar they stood and talked for a while as more people kept streaming in. DJ’s were changing the music into more upbeat and people started to fill out the dance floors. They watched them dance, sipping their drinks. At times they would point out couples to each other, some were amazing dancers who drew attention, small crowds forming around them. Others just seemed lost, awkwardly bouncing up and down to at least move themselves albeit complete off beat. Kíli and Tauriel looked at each other and laughed incredibly amused. They stood for a while until they finished their drinks and Kíli decided it was time to dance. DJ Theodred, as if sensing this, started to play some if his favourite dancing songs.

The beat went through the dance floor, loudly with a hard base. Tauriel felt it go through her whole being. Packed between hundreds of hot, sweaty bodies she felt exhilarated. In front of her Kíli had closed his eyes enjoying the music and swaying his body. As if he sensed her eyes on him he opened his own and grinned at her holding out his hand, inviting her to join him. She took his large hand and he pulled her close, one hand holding hers and the other on her waist.
“Close your eyes.” He told her and she obliged. She felt her body relax, feeling comfortable with their closeness. The music seemed to be calling, calling for her to move, begging her. And she let go.

Her hips seemed to move on their own, swaying side to side and up and down with every beat. She rolled her body accompanying the movement of her hips. She lifted her arms, Kíli letting her go. She felt liberated, like chains breaking loose. She didn’t control her body, the music did, it commanded and she followed. A smiled spread over her face but she didn’t dare to open her eyes, not wanting the magic to stop.

Kíli watched her grinning and looking proudly. He enjoyed seeing her like this. He had known quite quickly that she could dance, even if she hadn’t known it herself. Her tall slim body seemed like water, flowing through the music, hitting every beat with deadly accuracy. Her red hair hung loose and swung around her, like a fire waterfall. Her face seemed so peaceful and full of enjoyment he became warm inside. She looked like a goddess as she danced along the dance floor. Damn that woman was going to be the end of him! He noticed the understandable stares she was getting, girls looking with envy and respect, guys with lust and amazement. But she was his and he let them all know with just one look.

The song changed to another dance track filled with life. Kíli moved back to Tauriel and lightly held her hand. Slowly she opened her brilliant green eyes and smiled widely realizing her dream hadn’t ended.
“I knew it.” He told her placing his hand back on her waist and another on her shoulder, his fingers lightly tracing her hair.
“Knew what?” She asked laughing.
“I knew you could dance. You’re even better than I thought you’d be.”
“You flatter me way too much!” She replied, eyes twinkling.
“No way, you can ask anyone here and they’d they agree with me.”
“Well you’re not too bad yourself Mr Durin.” She said winking and Kíli winked back.
“Haha of course, but I had lots of practice.”
“Show me some of your moves then.” Kíli grinned and looked her straight in the eyes. Their eye contact didn’t break as he pulled her closer, their hips locking. He swayed her from side to side, her hips moved against his and he followed her. They rolled their bodies simultaneously rocking to the beat. He let his hand travelled her body from her ribs to her lovely hips. Reaching them he held her and spun her around. Laughing she faced him again tangled their hands together. Holding them out to the side they pressed their bodies closer. She pushed her torso out and rolled it against him, like a wave crashing on the rocks. She was looking down through her eyelashes at his shoulders and collarbone. He took his time to admire her face with special attention to her lips.

How he loved those lips. They made her smile, laugh and speak in her excited and bubbly way. He loved it when she was silly and joking around, he loved it when she was interested and serious. He loved it when they talked about everything until well past midnight, or when they had heated debates. There were so many different layers about her. He had discovered many and still there were so many more to explore, for her to show him. He wanted to know, he wanted to know everything about her, and yet he wanted to forever keep exploring. He wanted her to be his best friend, and his lover, his everything. But did she want that too? She seemed like she was a star in a different universe, one that he could see and admire but never reach. Would she even be able to love someone like him?

Their eyes locked and neither bothered to hide the intense and burning longing they felt towards each other. She couldn’t get enough of that dashing smile, his thick wild hair and the roughness of his stubble. She wanted to be held in his strong arms with sculpted shoulders, to hold his warm hands and to forever look into those brown eyes that seemed to stuck her in every time. She wanted him with her entire being. She loved the way he talked and that he anyways made her laugh. He was one of the nicest people she’d met and in him she saw an equal. It scared her that in such a short time they had grown so close, practically inseparable, and she didn’t mind it at all. Kíli Durin had become part of her life, without him she felt lost.

His lips moved to her ear as he whispered.
“Come, let’s go outside.” She didn’t have to hear that twice and they made their way through the army of bodies blocking their path. Having retrieved their jackets they went up the stairs out of the overheated club and were greeted by the cold evening air. He took her hand and began leading her through the streets. She laughed, enjoying the warmth of his hand.
“Kíli, where are we going?” He turned his head and winked at her.
“It’s a surprise.” He told her and weaved them through a maze of streets that Tauriel thought she’d never seen before. They reached a steep hill and climbed it. Right before they reached the top however Kíli told her to close her eyes. She looked at him sceptically but did what he asked.
“And no peeking.” He warned and she laughed. His strong hand pulled her to the top. She felt she was walking on flat ground, through the grass. Then he made her sit down helping her into the soft grass. She left him sit beside her.
“Ok, you can open your eyes now.” She did and gasped.

They were sitting on a small patch of grass, surrounded by trees but with a view over the forests of Dale. But her attention was drawn to the night sky that was filled with stars. Thousands if not millions stars of all shapes and sizes sparkled down on her. On the right side she even saw the outline of the Milky Way. She turned to Kíli who was looking at her instead of the sky spectacular display.
“Kíli,” She whispered tears of joy filling her eyes, “it’s beautiful, no I… I can’t even describe it.” He smiled and put his hand on her cheek.
“No as beautiful as you are. When I see this, they remind me of you. Sorry for sounding so incredibly cheesy but you are like the stars to me.” He looked slightly embarrassed but Tauriel smiled at him.
“No one has ever said or done this for me, thank you.” She said softly. Their eyes locking, he saw the stars in her eyes. Their faces moving closer and softly he captured her lips.

He felt a shock in his gut that seemed to travel through his entire body, leaving a tingling sensation from the crown of his head to his toes. Instinctively he brought her closer. He was kissing her softly and she responded with soft kisses in return. The more kisses the more desperate they became, clinging to each other, fingers tangled in each others hair. They were hungry for passion, licking, biting, nibbling and tasting. Tauriel didn’t know exactly when they starting rolling on the ground, her attention so solely on Kíli and the happiness that surged through her body. His touch was warm and burning, trailing fireworks all over her body. At times they broke apart, smiling, giggling, and blushing before diving back in.

Her fingers swept along the ends of his shirt, sliding underneath to felt his muscled abs. His whole body radiated a heat she’d never felt before. She sighed as he kissed her neck, nibbling his way down to her collarbone. Although he generally seemed careful, some times his bites would be harder, but she didn’t mind. The marks would show his touch, and she enjoyed the feeling that he claimed her and rolled over to give him the same treatment.

They became exhausted after a while and a colder wind started to set it. They lay on their backs, both breathing hard, the stars dancing above them. But the two lovers didn’t look at the stars but were too engrossed with each other. Kíli looked at Tauriel lovingly. He couldn’t believe his luck being able to be here with her. He decided that starlight was very becoming of her. He smiled before leaning over and kissing every single freckle on her nose. She giggled with every kiss he placed. She softly tried to stop him but he wouldn’t budge. Once done, he grinned at her with a smile full of satisfaction.
“I’ve wanted to do that ever since I saw them.” He said and she smiled blushing. She placed a hand on his rough cheek and softly pulled his face to hers kissing his forehead. Rubbing their noses together his kissed forehead touched her, and they lay like that what seemed for ages. Finally Kíli rose and helped her sit up.
“Come on, I’ll bring you home.” He smiled.

Kíli stopped his bike in front of the Greenwood Estate gate. He turned to Tauriel.
“Do you want me to stop here?” She nodded.
“Yeah that’s probably the best place, we might wake the rest on this thing.” She said and he laughed. She got off, pulling of his helmet from her head. He smirked at her dishevelled hair. Reaching forward he pulled out a small twig and grinned.
“There, wouldn’t want you carrying the forest back home.” She laughed. They grew silent grinning at each other like fools, their blushes returning to their cheeks.
“Well I… I am glad you agreed to come.” He said lamely.
“As am I. I had an amazing night Kíli, enjoyed every single part of it.”
“Thank god, me too, especially the last part if I am honest.” He smiled. He stuck his hands further in his pockets. “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow then?” She smiled shyly tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.
“Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow.” She leaned over to touch his arm and he looked up. Softly she kissed him. He responded and wrapped his strong arms around her. They kissed for minutes that felt like individual days. Finally they broke apart.
“I should go.” Tauriel said reluctantly and he grinned.
“Yeah you should.” She took a step backwards but still held his warm hand.
“Good night Kíli.” She said and a cheeky smile crept onto his face. He bowed his head down, kissing her hand. He looked at her, letting go of her hand and getting back on his bike. Helmet in hand he looked into her eyes.
“Good night Amrâlimê.” He smiled once before and then put on his helmet and started his bike. Tauriel looked at him shocked.
“But… what does that mean?” She asked but he just waved at her and drove of into the night. She grinned, slightly shaking her head.

The next day was a sunny one. The sun had decided to bestow its grace for a little longer, warming up the earth before heavy and cold winter would descend. Dale was bustling, even early in the morning people were walking about, taking their time instead of their usual rush, because warm sunlight was precious.

Kíli was staring out of the window of Café Bree dreamingly. He’d much prefer to be outside right now. Apart from the fact that he wasn’t allowed to do that because it was his shift, he was also afraid that if he did, he’d miss her. He felt nervous for her coming back. Yesterday he didn’t know and he’d had no time to prepare himself seeing her. Not that he prepared himself today either. He had just felt like wearing a dress shirt today, she wasn’t the reason he had chosen the dark blue one that his mother said looked great with his eyes. And so what that he had clipped his hair back more neatly than usual or had trimmed his beard (stubble as Fíli would call it). It all had nothing to do with her. Why was his hand trembling and did he feel so disappointed every time someone walked in and it wasn’t her? This was pathetic! He didn’t like her. She was beautiful for sure and that didn’t leave him cold and he could flirt with her right? Flirting never hurt anyone. Love at first sight didn’t exist. Even Fíli hadn’t actually loved Arild when he met her, he just thought she was pretty and then they became friends. Kíli really wouldn’t mind being friends with Tauriel. That was it! She was his friend! He just dressed up a bit more for his friend, he’d done that before, and there was nothing wrong with that or even slightly romantic…
The door of the café opened and Tauriel came floating in. Her long red locks were tamed into a side fishtail braid that was draped over her shoulder. She wore a dress with a white lace top with quarter sleeves and a flowing dark green skirt that reached just above her knees. There was a golden belt highlighting her slim waist. Her bag hung on her shoulder, her leather jacket laying over it. The café umbrella she held in her other hand. She stood there by the door, smiling as sunlight streamed into the café. Kíli felt his mouth hanging open and quickly closed it before slapping himself mentally. Ok! Screw it! He liked her romantically. Tauriel 1, Kíli 0.

She placed the umbrella back in the rack before walking over to Kíli, who was now busying himself with her coffee. Reaching the counter she took a seat on one of the chairs there.
“Good morning!” She said happily and Kíli couldn’t resist smiling back.
“Good morning. Did you get to your class on time yesterday?”
“Yeah thank god. Many people ditched though.”
“I can’t blame them.” He laughed and she looked at him slyly.
“Were you one of those people who’d ditch everything possible?” She asked.
“Nope, I attended every class. I wasn’t allowed to ditch.” He said and laughed when she raised a questioning eyebrow. “My mother would have killed me if she ever found out. Actually my uncle too probably.”
“So you were too afraid?” She giggled.
“So would you if you knew my mother. She might be disadvantaged height wise, but she can still be very terrifying, believe me, I know.” He defended himself and she kept on laughing, clearly enjoying herself with this new information.
“Let me guess, you were a rascal when you were younger.”
“I still am.” He told her, raising an eyebrow suggestively and she smirked.

He finished her coffee. As he handed it to her, a ray of sunlight hit her face and that’s how he saw them. Perhaps two dozen light freckles highlighted the bridge of her nose and sprinkled her cheeks.
“You have freckles?” He heard himself blurt out in surprise. Why had he not seen them before? Tauriel looked at him slightly annoyed and raised an eyebrow daringly.
“Yeah. What of it?”
“No, nothing. I just hadn’t noticed before that’s all.” Kíli said, taken back by her aggressive reaction. “Why so angry?” Her expression softened at his words and she looked guilty.
“I am sorry. It’s just I’ve never liked them. Kids used to tease me because of them.” She admitted, avoiding his eyes. He reached out for her hand and her head shot up, their eyes locking. He smiled at her.
“Those kids were just jealous. They look very cute.” Tauriel smiled before looking at their hands and blushed.
“Thanks, I um… No one has ever complimented me on my freckles.” She laughed, as did he. He reluctantly let go of her hand and she drank her macchiato.  
“Still as great as last time.” She told him and winked.
“Thanks! I make the best ones here, especially for beautiful freckled girls.” He said grinning and she burst out laughing. He loved the sound of her laughter.
“Aren’t you the charmer?”
“I try milady.” He winked. She smiled and looked at her watch. Hurried she threw on her jacket.
“Gotta run! But I am coming back later. I have to work on a project with my friend.” She told him. With her coffee in one hand and bag in the other, she had just turned around when she changed her mind. She twirled back to him and gave him a swift and soft kiss on the cheek. Kíli felt blood rushing to his face and looked shocked.
“Thanks Kíli.” She said with playful laughter in her voice. Then she turned around and within seconds she’d disappeared.

Rosie looked at her friend and smirked. He was completely red, his mouth hanging slightly ajar. He stood like a statue and there was a far away look in his eyes mixed with utter disbelieve. Slowly he moved his right hand to his cheek were Tauriel had kissed him. Then a huge grin started to appear on his face. His eyes twinkled with glee and he leapt into a small victory dance behind the counter. He froze when he saw Rosie standing a few feet away from him, arms crossed with a mischievous grin pasted on her lovely rosy face.
“I should really have filmed that.” She told him. Kíli coughed and straightened himself, composing his face into a mask of innocence that could have fooled anyone (except his mother) had they not just caught him celebrating. Rosie laughed. “Come on goofy, let’s get to work.”

A few hours later there was a tsunami wave of customers streaming into the café. Most classes at the university had ended and many here desired a coffee and snacks. Counting the amount of people in line was useless so Kíli focused himself on the cup in front of him. He and Rosie stood next to each and became an efficient machine. Rosie took the order, writing it on a cup and putting it in line with the waiting orders. One by one Kíli worked his way through them and praised god when the majority only wanted a regular coffee or cappuccino instead of a tall, double shot, non-fat soy milk latte. Why would you even order coffee if you wanted that? He would happily invite those peole to come make their own damn drink themselves.

Within the stream of people, Kíli saw Tauriel and her friend come in. Seeing the line they, quite wisely, decided to occupy a set of chairs and table, waiting until the line died down. He looked at her friend. She was a very beautiful lady, perhaps two years older than Tauriel. She had long black wavy hair that reached her hips. Her face, like Tauriel’s was delicately formed with high cheekbones and a slim nose. Her eyes brilliant blue eyes were large, framed by dark lashes. She wore a wide high-waist cream coloured skirt that reached her knees. Her crop sweater was a light grey colour, lined with gold thread that sparkled in the light. Though both were very beautiful and tall, they contrasted each other as well. The friend was cooler, seemingly more composed, whereas Tauriel gave off a warm vibe, full of life, fun, and recklessness. He grinned when he caught her green eyes and she gave him a small wave.

The girls got out their papers and started to work. Kíli didn’t mind as he now had an advantage point of being able to watch her. He smiled as she cutely started to nibble on the end of her pen in deep concentration. His hands kept moving along the counter until to his surprise there was no waiting cup for him and he needed a second to register that they’d finished. He looked at Rosie who smiled in relief and gave her a high five. He then turned his attention back to the two girls and walked over.

“Ladies, can I get you anything?” He asked and Tauriel looked up smiling.
“Hey. Kíli this is Arwen, Arwen Kíli, this is the guy your grandfather just loved.” Both Kíli and Arwen looked at each other curiously.
“Wow,” Kíli said looking slightly in awe and stuck out his hand. “It’s an honour to meet you. Your grandfather is fantastic.” Arwen shook his hand with a smile.
“Likewise, my grandfather doesn’t easily get impressed by people, so you must be great. Tauriel thinks you are anyway.” There was a soft thud sound from under the table and she suddenly squinted in pain. She gave Tauriel a glare but her friend looked at her innocently.
“At archery, you great at it.” Tauriel said smiling and Kíli smirked.
“Well it’s great to meet you Arwen.” He said amused. “Anything you want to drink?” He asked, looking Tauriel in the eyes.
“Hmmm a cappuccino would be nice, can you handle that?” She asked.
“Will I get another kiss for it?” Kíli replied boldly, his eyebrows raised suggestively. Tauriel heard Arwen gasped for breath and heard a squeaky ‘what?!’ But she was rather undaunted by his flirting. Resting her head in the palm of her hand she challenged him.
“Is your cappuccino as good as the macchiato?” She asked.
“Of course!” He proclaimed grinning.
“Arwen will judge too, you think you’ll convince her? She has excellent taste.” Kíli’s eye fell on the pretty raven-haired girl, who was currently looking between the two in shock. He smiled.
“Yeah, I will.”
“Then you might.” Tauriel said winking. He winked back and gave her his signature Durin smile before heading of to the counter.

Once he was a few feet away Tauriel turned to her friend who seemed to slowly regain her composure back. Arwen raised her eyebrow accusingly.
“Did I miss something? Since when are you handing out kisses… to him?” She asked, waving her hands at Kíli’s back adding some extra drama. Tauriel couldn’t help laughing at her friend.
“Since this morning actually.” She said calmly before turning to her with a mocking concerned face. “Don’t get too stressed out darling. It’ll only make you grey and wrinkled.” She said teasingly. Arwen didn’t find it very hilarious and gave her a murderous glare that could wipe out an entire army. After a few seconds she whispered.
“Did you really kiss him?”
“It was just a kiss on the cheek.”
“I thanked him for my coffee and…well…” Tauriel stopped and felt her ears turn red.
“Well what?” Arwen urged her. Tauriel didn’t look her in the eye.
“He complimented me on…on my freckles,” she said, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. “He said they were cute.” The blush had reached her face, her cheeks burning. Arwen looked at her friend. She had never seen her so fragile yet very happy. She had to admit she liked the guy. He was very charming and flirtatious but obviously also very kind. They probably had a similar temperament. And Thranduil would have a fit, which would make it so much more worth it. She leaned back in her chair, Tauriel’s green eyes following her.
“I like him.” Arwen told her, eyes twinkling. Tauriel blinked, not sure if she heard her friend correctly.
“You like him?”
“Yeah I like him, for you obviously.” She raised an eyebrow. “What, you didn’t think I would?” Tauriel looked at her guilty.
“I don’t know. He’s very different from the rest.” She said referencing all the other boys and men that had been presented to them. They were all gorgeous and smart men with tall and lanky frames and perfect manners. But even with all their obvious virtues and the fact that Tauriel could trust them indefinitely, they just weren’t her type. They were too perfect, too high and mighty. She wanted someone more down to earth, someone perhaps less perfect, but kind and caring, without any pretence. She wanted someone who understood her longing for adventure and travel and wanted to go with her.
“So?” Arwen shrugged her shoulders, ‘so is Aragorn. No one is complaining about him.”
“Not anymore no, but if I remember correctly, your father wasn’t too damn pleased when you told him.” Her friend waved her hand.
“That was ages ago. Ada is quite fine with it now. Actually Kíli reminds me of him, though he’sa lot shorter.” Tauriel had to agree. Both men were well built with a full head of long dark brown hair and a slight beard. If it weren’t for their different eyes and obvious height difference, they could have been related.

“How’s Aragorn?” She asked.
“He’s fine. He’s currently in Botswana helping with a malaria outbreak. Apparently it’s going well. He’s coming back next week.” Arwen said looking proudly. Aragorn was also a doctor, he graduated a few years ago and had signed up to work with Doctors Without Borders. He travelled often all around the world. Arwen worried about him but she knew that this was what made him happy and she supported him with it. He did have plans to settle down at one point and take over his family’s hospital Gondor though.
“That’s great, I haven’t seen him in a while.” Tauriel said. Arwen leaned over and whispered as Kíli came over with their coffee.
“We should go on a double date.” She winked and Tauriel felt a blush rise.

Kíli reached their table and set their cappuccino’s down.
“Here you go ladies. Enjoy!” He said smiled and they thanked him happily. He looked at their papers. “Hard project?” He asked and Tauriel nodded.
“Yeah kind off. Well it’s not too hard; we just have to elaborate a lot. It’s about the different cures to a lung infection and we have to conclude which method we think is the best, and the ways of prevention and such.” She looked at him and saw he was curiously reading their writing, genuinely interested. She smiled. He straightened and looked at them.
“Well, I’ll leave you to it, if you need anything just come over.” He winked and left.

They worked furiously for several hours, Kíli being a constant supplier of coffee who was very amused by them. Several times he and Tauriel would catch each other eyes before being brought back to reality by either Rosie or Arwen. But they couldn’t stop it from happening every so often.

The sky darkened and it was close to eight at night, when they were finally done and packed up their stuff. Kíli and Rosie were doing the same as Merry and Pippin came in for their shift. The girls paid for their drinks and Kíli walked with them outside while Rosie was picked up by her boyfriend Sam.
“I told mum we’d be at the crossing.” Arwen said having texted Celebrían. She stuck out her hand again to Kíli who shook it. “It was nice to meet you, and thanks for today. Tauriel, I’ll go stand there, come soon, mum can be here any minute.” She said and walked away to the place she’d pointed out to give the two some privacy. Tauriel looked slightly awkward which mirrored Kíli’s feelings.
“Well um… thanks again.” She said slowly twisting a ring on her fingers.
“No problem, you’re always welcome here.” He said looking at her. The lanterns outside highlighted her flaming hair. “I’ll see you tomorrow?” Her head shoot up and she stared into his beautiful dark eyes that shined so hopeful. She smiled.
“Yes, of course. I’ll be at the academy the whole day practically. There’s a garden downstairs, should we meet there? It’s not as hectic as the rest.”
“Sounds great!” he smiled broadly. Then his mind went to the package that arrived this morning. “My uniform arrived today.”
“Oh really? And? Does it fit alright?” She asked before blushing as he gave her a cheeky grin.
“Wanna find out?” He winked and laughed as she hit his arm. He then turned serious. “I am afraid it’ll look completely ridiculous.” Tauriel laughed.
“No it won’t, and otherwise we’ll all look ridiculous so it won’t matter.” And he smiled at her. They heard Arwen call for her.
“Well then bye.” She leaned forward and gave him his promised kiss on the cheek. “See you tomorrow.” She was about to walk away before Kíli grabbed her hand and turned her around. With wide eyes she looked at him as he bowed over her hand giving it a soft kiss. He straightened and looked her at her with twinkling eyes.
“See you tomorrow.” Heavily blushing she walked away, giving him a final wave before catching up with Arwen who was getting into her mother’s car.

With a stupid grin on his face Kíli walked home. He eyed his uniform he’d laid out on his bed. The silver material shone at him. He’d never thought he’d ever be glittering in some weird shirt, and it hurt his masculine feelings. Fíli was never allowed to see this or he’d never hear the end of it. But for Tauriel he wouldn’t mind wearing it.

The next day he got out his silver Suzuki GSX-R1000 motorbike. It was his pride and glory and he had saved his money up for almost two years to be able to buy it. He loved the feeling of wind rushing past him, the feeling of freedom as he drove through the country. His mother had been opposed to the idea of him getting it, thinking it dangerous and him reckless. But it was one of the few things his Uncle Thorin had talked her around, being quite amused by his nephew’s choice of transport. If Thorin was honest with himself, he’d always wanted to drive such a vehicle, but his own father Thrain had always prevented this. Thus when Kíli told him he was saving up for it, he had no problem supporting him.

Kíli packed his uniform in his duffle bag, threw on his leather jacket and helmet and drove off. The Academy lay in the further outskirts of Dale, on the border of the Lórien Forest. It was cooler that day with a soft but steady breeze. Clouds covered the sky, though at times the sun found an opening to shine some light. After a forty-five minute drive he finally reached his destination. He parked his bike and with his helmet under his arm he walked into the Academy.

He was still amazed by the beauty and elegance of the place. It breathed sophistication, but at the same time there was a feeling of nature, like something that was build high up in a tree but still had connections with its roots in the ground. Kíli had always preferred the ground and underground against something high up in the air. He wasn’t scared of flying, but he always felt extremely happy when he’d landed. Given the choice between climbing a mountain and exploring the caves, he’d definitely go for caves with all their shining glory.

He changed into his uniform and looked in the mirror. It wasn’t as bad here as it had looked at home, probably because he was supposed to blend in here. He gathered his wild hair into a ponytail to keep it out of the way as much as possible. Relatively satisfied he walked over to the garden Tauriel had talked about. To his surprise she was already there, her hair once again in its thick braid falling along her back. He took a moment to admire her as she stood looking out over the vast fields and stretches of forest. From the corner of her eye she sensed him walking towards her. He joined her standing against the low fence that indicated the end of the garden. The sun broke through the clouds lightening up their view. They stood side by side in a pleasant silence as they admired the view. After a few minutes Tauriel broke it.
“I always love coming here. It’s so calming. As a child I used to live on the borders of this forest and would play in the fields for hours on end. After my parents died Thranduil would insist on bringing me here every weekend so I wouldn’t feel homesick. He even drove Legolas and me here when his wife was sick. He changed a lot after she died, but I think this place became special to him as well. It’s where he can truly relax and forget all his worries. It reminds him of her.” She looked over at Kíli who was looking at her and smiled. “It’s why we started to shoot here, because of the view.” She made soft laughing sound. “It sounds rather weird saying that out loud.” Kíli shook his head.
“No… well a little, but it makes sense. Everyone has their own motivation of coming here.” She nodded in agreement.
“What’s yours?”
“My father been teaching me how to shoot right after I could walk. Mum wasn’t too happy about it first. But I enjoyed it as a kid. When he died it was a way to let out my emotions. It felt like when I was shooting he was there with me, it still does at times.” He admitted and Tauriel smiled at him. They became lost in each other’s eyes, the earthly brown and leaf green mixing. Vaguely Kíli registered a bell ringing and stepped back.
“That’s me.” He said grinning sheepishly. “You’ll be here later?” She nodded.
“Yeah I will. Good luck!”
“Thanks.” He said and started to walk back inside. Tauriel called after him.
“Oh and Kíli?” He turned
“It suits you.” She said grinning about his uniform. Kíli flashed her a wide grin and winked before heading up to his class.

If Celeborn had feelings of favouritism towards Kíli, he didn’t let it show, but drilled his students for perfection. The targets were hard and Kíli lost count on how many arrows he had shot, his fingers started to hurt. He used the same bow as Celeborn had presented to him last time and so far the Blue Mountain had done its job perfectly. There were different arrows that they had to shoot with, which al required different measurements and stances in order for it to hit their target correctly. Sometimes they had to used multiple arrows at once, either of the same type or all completely different. Celeborn also taught them different styles of shooting, which they practiced outside in the forest. Instead of drawing each individual arrow from the quiver, he told them to hold three in their bow hand and use them from there. It was a lot quicker and efficient. In order to reach intermediate level they had to perfect this skill and also be able to shoot when holding the arrows in their drawing hand. Kíli found it all incredibly difficult but also exhilaratingly fun. The two hours flew past and soon enough he found himself walking back to the gardens after a quick shower.

With a huge smile he walked on to the patio but it quickly disappeared and a stone dropped in his stomach. Tauriel had not moved from her spot but now next to her stood a blond man, his arm draped over her shoulders. His light golden hair was long, reaching his shoulder blades. He was tall with broad muscular shoulders yet still retained the slender form that was overly present here. The jealously beast in his chest awoke and started to grumble. Kíli made a coughing noise to get their attention. They turned simultaneously and he saw the man’s face. It was pale with high cheekbones and a chiselled jawline. His long straight nose was fitted perfectly in the middle of his face. He had thin lips and his dark eyebrows stood in contrast with his light hair. His light blue eyes looked Kíli up and down with a questioning gaze. The two men made eye contact and entered a stare contest that was quickly broken my Tauriel.

“Oh you’re back! How did it go?” she placed a hand on the man’s shoulder and he looked at her. “Legolas this is Kíli, Kíli this is Legolas Greenwood.” She told them. Kíli looked at Legolas again and could now see the similarities the heir of Greenwood shared with his father. Legolas looked at him ever more sceptical.
“Kíli? Kíli Durin?” He asked and Kíli stepped into a defensive stance, crossing his arms.
“What of it?” he challenged and he saw a panicked look arise on Tauriel’s face, mixed with annoyance. Damn it, what was wrong with him, he didn’t want her to get upset with him. The Greenwood heir surprised him though by extending a hand. He took it. They shook hands albeit both decided to squeeze just a bit harder than usual.
“Pleasure to meet you.” Legolas said, his voice lacking enthusiasm.
“Likewise.” Kíli replied with equalling his tone.
A silence arose, this one rather unpleasant.

“How was practice?” Tauriel asked him, her eyes begging him to reply normally.
“It went fine.” Kíli answered trying to pretend the blond wasn’t there. “It was difficult and I think my fingers have blisters but it went great. It was good fun. Celeborn is a great teacher.” And Tauriel smiled at him. The bell rang again, this time signalling her turn. Legolas said a good bye to Kíli before walking back inside obviously expecting Tauriel to follow him. She gave Kíli an awkward smile.
“I am sorry about him, he’s usually not this tense at all. I don’t know what’s wrong with him.” She said looking at the door. Kíli shrugged his shoulders.
“Maybe he’s just having a bad day.” He offered but he knew well enough what was wrong with this guy, Legolas felt incredibly threatened. It surprised him because as Tauriel described them, they seemed to have grown up like brother and sister, but apparently Leggy hadn’t gotten the memo. Then again Kíli was surprised by his own reaction. He barely knew her and even less of this guy. Why did he feel so jealous and uncomfortable? He sighed, feeling exhausted and wanting nothing more than to go home.

“I am heading off, and so should you, or does Celeborn allow you to come in late?” Tauriel smiled.
“No I should get going too.” Her eyebrows furrowed together. “You don’t need a ride home?” She offered and Kíli grinned, waving her offer away.
“Nah it’s fine, I’ve got my bike.” She eyes widened in disbelieve.
“You have a motorbike?”
“Yep, I’ll have you know she’s a beauty.” He said teasingly and she looked in awe.
“I’ve always wanted to drive one of those.”
“Well if you want, I can give you a ride some time.” He said winking and she laughed.
“I’d like that.” She winked back and then kissed his cheek good bye.
“Good luck today.” He told her and she thanked him, waving before walking to her class.

As he drove back home his cheek as still burning with her lips. He definitely didn’t mind this type of good-bye but he also couldn’t wait to return the gesture to her, but properly next time, on her lovely lips. And he really wouldn’t mind kissing those adorable freckles on her face either.
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